contributed openssl builds for

NameLast ModifiedSizeType
OPENSSL-LICENSE.txt2018-Jan-11 13:33:546.13KB TXT Type Document
openssl.Darwin.i3862016-Sep-26 22:56:482.30MB I386 File
openssl.Darwin.x86_642016-Sep-26 22:56:162.74MB X86_64 File
openssl.Linux.armv7l2016-Sep-26 23:03:202.47MB ARMV7L File
openssl.Linux.armv7l-stripped2016-Sep-26 23:05:322.06MB ARMV7L-STRIPPED File
openssl.Linux.ppc64le2020-Sep-17 09:44:324.10MB PPC64LE File
openssl.darwin-i386-cc2016-Sep-26 22:57:122.52MB DARWIN-I386-CC File
openssl.darwin64-x86_64-cc2016-Sep-26 22:54:323.00MB DARWIN64-X86_64-CC File

Here you find some contributed builds of openssl (1.0.2i) from Peter Mosman's fork. Best is to copy the appropriate version into the $CWD/bin/ directory of so that they automatically will be picked up.
General info: /

Both are using glibc

For Mac OSX: They all stem from, thx to jpluimers (Jeroen Wiert Pluimers): Here you need to pick the right one for your architecture, either openssl.Darwin.x86_64 or openssl.Darwin.i386. If you prefer the non-stripped ones you need to rename them.