contributed openssl builds for

NameLast ModifiedSizeType
OPENSSL-LICENSE.txt2022-Sep-01 19:32:416.13KB TXT Type Document
openssl.FreeBSD.amd64.krb2022-Sep-01 18:05:503.52MB KRB File
openssl.FreeBSD.amd64.static2022-Sep-01 18:03:494.35MB STATIC File
openssl.Linux.i686.krb2022-Sep-01 18:01:122.83MB KRB File
openssl.Linux.i686.static2022-Sep-01 17:58:303.61MB STATIC File
openssl.Linux.x86_64.krb2022-Sep-01 16:34:443.32MB KRB File
openssl.Linux.x86_64.static2022-Sep-01 16:04:394.25MB STATIC File

Here you find some contributed builds of openssl (1.0.2k) from Peter Mosman's fork.

Best is to copy the appropriate version into the $CWD/bin/ directory of so that they automatically will be picked up. Binaries containing a trailing static need to be renamed so that they don't contain static. The binaries are not stripped.